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A concentrated anti-plaque mouthwash that really works!

The health of our teeth is an indicator of our overall heath, and may be a direct cause of chronic – WESTON PRICE, DDS – PRICE POTTENGER NUTRITION

The Oral Cavity is a gateway to the rest of the body – SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, 2006

Mutant and persistent biofilms (plaque) are on the rise (NATURE 2000:407; JOURNAL OF BACTERIOLOGY 2007:189; SCIENCE 2003:301) induced by antibiotics taken in the past (INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL ARTIFICIAL ORGANS 2011:34 – NJ DENTAL SCHOOL – DR. JEFFRY KAPLAN)

“Patients think of gum disease in terms of their teeth, but don’t think about the fact that gum disease can release bacteria into the bloodstream” – ROBERT GENCO, DDS – EDITOR OF JOURNAL OF PERIODONTOLOGY

Super‐concentrated, Supercritical CO2 Extracts & Polarized Technology!

The health of your mouth is critical to total body health. For the past decade, Dr. Yanick pioneered in the development of SPT Technology in QuantaDent™ that can eradicate biofilms (plaque) and shrink periodontal pockets. He and other researchers studied the microcolony architecture of mutant biofilms with documented high mutation frequencies and polarities caused by toxin-induced oxidative stress (MOLECULAR MICROBIOLOGY 2006:60; CRITICAL REVIEWS BIOCHEMISTRY AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 2007:42; NATURE 1997:387; PROC NATIONAL ACADEMY SCIENCES 2008:105: JOURNAL BACTERIOLOGY 2008:190. These antibiotic-resistant and persistent biofilms were blamed on inner ecosystem dysbiosis and the inability of antibiotics today to irradiate fungal and viral counterparts of a biofilm. The result? A vastly new and improved QuantaDentformula was developed!

Since biofilms catalyze the electrochemical anode reactions by metabolizing fuel and utilizing the anode as an electron receptor, the correction of cell polarity in mutated biofilms has powerful anti-biofilm effects via and interruption in catalytic densities and power generation (ENERGY & ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES 2009:2). Thus, detachment of a biofilm is protease mediated via quorum sensing as a dispersal mechanism once the extracellular matrix polarity is corrected (PLOS PATHOGENS 2008:4). For the first time, QuantaDentactivates quorum sensing which impedes attachment and development of a biofilm as others also discovered (JOURNAL INFECTIOUS DISEASE 2000:182; INFECTIOUS IMMUNITY 2003:71).

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For best results use 5-10 drops on toothbrush or a drop on ORAL B GUM SOFT-PICKS, designed to clean more effectively than wood and plastic picks. A unique pick with bristles that massages gums to promote blood circulation and healthy, firm gum tissue. Flexible bristles slide between teeth to help remove plaque and food particles. Soft bristles stimulate and massage gums and its tapered design fits between small spaces. Or, use a drop on your dental floss before flossing. (6 oz concentrate – 6-8 week supply)

**These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.