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Super-Potent, Clinical 8-Strain Quorum Commensal-Probiotic Colonizer

Ninety percent of the cells in the body are probiotic “friendly” commensal cells that use a quorum language to keep you at peak health. During the last 50 years, the increased of antibiotics and man-made chemical pollution have created an “invisible epidemic of insufficient probiotics. We’re not getting what we used to [through diet], and we’re destroying what’s there, as a result, the balance of our intestinal microbe population has changed, sometimes with disastrous effects on our immune system. We have 2.5 pounds of microbes inside us…the medical revelation is that when they cooperate and work together; they function in our body like an organ. Microbes in our digestive tract have profound effects on our health” says Dr. Gary Huffnagle, professor of internal medicine and microbiology at the University of Michigan Medical School.

8 Strain Quorum Commensal Probiotic Colonizer diagramWidespread irradiation and pasteurization make it impossible to get probiotics from food sources and no one is aiming nutritional efforts at commensal cells! Our war on microbes have causes dysbiosis whereby immune cells mistake the good guys from the bad guys and engage in cell-to-cell combat that causes all sorts of degenerative disease. Generation after generation has slowly sculpted us to be more toxic and nutrient-depleted at the commensal cell level making it hard for our cells to communicate with one another. With a rich genetic diversity, commensals have the amazing potential to produce an arsenal of natural compounds that fight against the invasion of unfriendly parasites, giardia, and pathogens in the gastro-intestinal tract.**

Virtually every change within our multicellular bodies is mediated by the quorum language of commensal cells and the millions of nutrients and compounds they produce to keep our immune systems healthy and balanced. They lie at the core of your body’s ability to stop prolonged, unwanted, and exaggerated inflammation. To reconnect with the power of nature, we have to see ourselves as living ecosystems and put back commensal microflora to achieve symbiosis or cellular balance in our bodies.

Establishing a commensal microflora symbiosis is the most important clinical goal.

Our super potent clinical version of 8-strain Quorum Commensal-Probiotic Colonizer™ when fortified with MultiNutraFood™ nourishes commensals so they can gradually restore the hundreds of commensals lost from antibiotic or ant-infective treatments in the past. As our cells get healthy, we have greater potential to rebalance our immune networks, drive our energy pathways, sweep away dangerous pollutants and carcinogens, and control the sophisticated cellular and neural reactions needed by our “inner physician” to heal our bodies.  When give the right pre-digested quorum nourishment, the inner physician has an enormous capacity to correct and heal the body. Commensal cells manufacture compounds that are ten times stronger than stem cells in regenerating the body. They are nutrient factories, pumping out tons of quorum nutrition to enhance tissue repair (wounds, sores, periodontal disorders, etc) and help us discharge fat-storing toxins called xenoestrogens that are responsible for the current belly fat epidemic.

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Establishing a Commensal Microflora diagram


INGREDIENTS: Each capsule contains billions of quorum-fermented™ Commensal-probiotic cells along with thousands of quorum-based nutrients. We use a proprietary 8-strain blend that is gastric resistant and lactic acid-bile salt tolerant to maximize colonization in hundreds of strains. No other probiotic offers: Super Resilient Strains – Our organisms survive gastric acids, bile salts, and need no refrigeration (5-year shelf life); Unsurpassed Purity – Absolutely no mold & toxins (mold is commonly found in cultured probiotics); No microbe-microbe competition—probiotics can fight each other, minimizing potential benefits so ratios are customized for optimization of colonization; Anti-radiation effects —probiotics won’t find a home in the gut with irradiated food byproducts; Cell and immune Symbiosis with the amazing powers of innate immune system via an arsenal of weapons that stand ready to defend the body against unfriendly invaders & parasites (Braz J Med Biol Res. 1999; (8); Gut. 1998; 42)**

DOSE: 1 cap daily. Servings per pack = 30

Influenza Nourishment Protocol

At the very first indication of a cold or flu from a superbug, ASK YOUR DOCTOR to consider nourishing & supporting you with the following (have all on hand for immediate dosing):

  • QUANTABIOTICA™ – 1 cap with & in between meals for 2 days, then 1 cap daily
  • IMMUNUTRAFOOD ™ (30 vcap) – 1 cap daily for 10 days While following the above program, avoid eggs, all dairy products, and grains and eat lightly.

**These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.