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MyrrhFood Plus

100% PURE & Natural Whole Food

Discover relief and vitality with our all-natural MyrrhFood PlusTM, expertly formulated to combat inflammation, alleviate stress, boost your immune system, plus more, to enhance overall well-being.

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Suggested Use: Take 1 VCap daily

  • 100% PURE & Natural Whole Food Product
  • Potent Formula
  • Easy to Digest
  • No Fillers or Flow Agents
  • Created in Small Batches

Anti-inflammatory: Myrrh Gum has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It contains compounds that react with opioid receptors, telling your brain that you aren’t in pain. It also helps increase circulation and resolve blood stagnation.

Supports Oral Health: Myrrh is often used in different brands of toothpaste, mouthwash, and other dental products due to it’s ability to soothe sore, inflamed gums and ulcers within the mouth. It has been effective with conditions such as Gingivitis, Canker Sores, and Halitosis.

Antimicrobial & Anti-Parasitic: Modern research confirms that Myrrh (when burned) has strong properties against airborne bacteria and against several strains of infectious bacteria including E. coli and even a strain of Staph bacteria. It has also shown to be effective against Schistosomiasis and Lyme Disease bacteria which gives hope to those who have not found good results using Antibiotics to treat their condition.

Promotes Relaxation/Relieves Stress: Contains antioxidants that help neutralize oxidative stress in the body that is caused by environmental factors such as pollution. It can also protect against hepatic oxidative damage and immunotoxicity by reducing lipid peroxidation and enhancing the antioxidant and immune defense mechanisms.

Supports the Immune System: Nourishes and fortifies the microbiome, directly attacking and killing various microbes, and stimulating macrophages (a type of white blood cell). Energetically, Myrrh is a warming and drying herb so it’s very supportive and helpful for when there is congestion and excess mucus in the respiratory system.

  • Raw, Fresh Myrrh Gum (Commiphora molmol) 675mg

Formula is polarized and energized with the proprietary Yanick Synchrozyme Polarization Technology (SPT™)

How to Store: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. You may also refrigerate once opened to preserve the life of this product longer.

CAUTION: Always consult your health care provider before taking any supplements. You should avoid the supplements if you’re pregnant or lactating due to a lack of safety information.

DISCLAIMER: QUANTAFOODS ASSOCIATION is not responsible for individual misuse of herbs or any possible sensitivities or reactions. It is the customer’s responsibility to know the individual herbal frequency, recommendations, cautions, interactions, toxicities, sensitivities, reactions, and individual health issues before using herbs and any Quantafoods products.

It is the individual responsibility to always check the ingredients of the blend and/or check with their doctor before making a purchase to make sure they are not sensitive to any ingredients listed or the mixture doesn’t interact with medications or supplements they currently take.

It is important to note that all dosage recommendations provided are universal yet everyone’s health issues, sensitivity, and needs are different. As such, it is the individual responsibility to find the right dosage that works for them or to work with a healthcare provider to find the right dosage for them.

Always speak with your trusted healthcare provider before starting a new supplement especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have an underlying health condition, or are taking medications.

More Product Information

The First & Only Microbiome Food Nourishment

If you think probiotics and other supplements are nourishing your microbiome… THINK AGAIN. Your microbiome is misunderstood and malnourished and it needs and requires a unique kind of nourishment. Understanding and nourishing the diversity of our microbial cell communities, as opposed to assaulting them with any kind of antibiotic or natural anti-infective agent helps to restore greater sustainability because our microbial ecosystem only thrives when all the interdependent microbial species are healthy too. A fuller and more diverse microbial community has been scientifically correlated with a healthier outcome (Scientific American 2012; Nature 2010).

Food-borne biofilms are found in our water and in a high percentage of packaged foods because of the overuse and misuse of antibiotics in animals and humans, causing 100,000 deaths a year (Science Daily 2010) and are “the root of persistent and chronic infections” (Science 1999:21). In Science 2012:21, Nobel Laureate, Dr. Cho and fellow researchers state; “We want to make these bugs homeless…they include 99% of all pathogen and escape immune surveillance and antibiotic therapy.”    

Understanding the Silent Epidemic of Biofilms & Mutant Viruses

Biofilm Engineering DiagramWhy are we experiencing a massive undetected biofilm epidemic? In Nature Reviews 2004, Dr. Paul Stoodley of the Center for Biofilm Engineering at Montana State University, attributes much of the lag in studying biofilms to the difficulties of assessment stating, “biofilms are extremely difficult to culture… the need to master such difficult laboratory techniques has deterred many scientists from attempting to work with biofilms. Since genetic research has failed to uncover the cause of any of the common chronic diseases, biofilms are finally – just over the past few years – being studied more intensely, and being given the credit they deserve as serious infectious entities, capable of causing a wide array of chronic illnesses.” Biofilms are linked to viral respiratory diseases (Pulmonary Pharmacology 2008 & Nature 2000:407); ear and sinus infections (JAMA 2006:296); stroke, heart disease and diabetes (British Medical Journal 1989; Journal of Cardiovascular Risks 1999); brain, anxiety and memory issues (Journal of American Geriatrics Society 2007:55); pain and inflammation (Autoimmunity Reviews 2004:3); and stubborn bladder infections, UTI and kidney stones (Antimicrobial & Chemotherapy 2001:3 & Annual Reviews of Microbiology 2003:57).

Nourishing & Fortifying the Microbiome Vastly Strengthens Immune Defenses

Microbe-killing agents or probiotics not in the right microbe-to-microbe ratio and potencies are microbiome disruptors and stressors that weaken the microbiome so biofilms attach, grow and get stronger. On the other hand, by nourishing and energizing the microbiome with novel pulsed SPT polarities in MyrrhFood Plus™ and feeding it Quantabiotica™ probiotics, the microbiome may be better able to target the ion channels and cell clusters of biofilms so they are detached and safely removed as a stressor to our immune system and microflora.**  

Biofilm Engineering MicrobiomeFor the past decade, Dr. Yanick and other researchers studied the microcolony architecture of mutant biofilms with their high mutation frequencies and polarities from man-made pollutants with positive ionic charges (Molecular Microbiology 2006:60; Critical Reviews Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 2007:42; Nature 1997:387; Proc National Academy Sciences 2008:105: Journal Bacteriology 2008:190). Since biofilms catalyze the electrochemical anode reactions by metabolizing fuel and utilizing the anode as an electron receptor, the dual correction of nutrients and extracellular matrix polarity interrupts the biofilm catalytic densities and power generation (Energy & Environmental Sciences 2009:2), allowing for the detachment of a biofilm via quorum sensing, a known and documented biofilm dispersal mechanism (PLOS Pathogens 2008:4; Journal Infectious Disease 2000:182; Infectious Immunity 2003:71).

**These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.