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THE PROBLEM: In a recent 2013 Science study, scientists redefined nutrition stating that it is our gut bacteria that nourish and sustain us. However, a lack of proper nutrition for our microbial cells, outnumbering human cells 10 to 1, is proven to be the leading cause of chronic disease-causing inflammation, maldigestion (impaired nutrient uptake) and liver detoxification (Hepatobiliary Surgery & Nutrition 2012:1; J Parenter Entra Nutr 2007:31; Pharmacol Research 2012:1; Nutrients 2013:1). By not nourishing our microbial cells we end up inflamed, toxic and severely nutrient deficient with an erosion of tissue barrier functions that fail to respond to diet and supplements. This erosion of protective barriers in the gut, lungs, skin, and sinus cavities as well as the blood-brain barrier ignites the fires of inflammation. And, contrary to popular opinions, attempts to recondition the gut with so-called “probiotics” or natural anti-inflammatory herbs or gluten-free diets fail to address the primary underlying cause of leaky barrier function: microbiome malnourishment. 

THE SOLUTION: Dr. Yanick’s early university-hospital based research linked malnourishment to cell polarity deficits (J American Audiology Society 1976:15; Int J Holist Health Medicine 1983:1; Int Academy Preventive Medicine 1983:45; Journal of Applied Nutrition 1988:40; J Medical Audiology 1983:5; Townsend Letter for Doctors 1983, 2009 & 2013). In the 1990’s, using the latest molecular biology research, he invented a quorum synbiotic fermentation “SPT” process to finally nourish and optimize barrier function and microbial cell colonization to restore the rich genetic diversity and intelligence of a thriving and robust microbiome (Townsend Letter for Doctors July 2013).

Are you Nourishing the other 90% of the cells in your body to achieve a superorganism potential?

Up-to-date science is telling us that only a well-nourished microbiome can give us what Nobel Prize laureate Joshua Lederberg termed “a superorganism potential.” Our quorum SPT fermentation process is unique and should not be confused with any other supplements (nutritional yeast or prebiotic, synbiotic or probiotic supplements).  

If you take supplements or have a lot of dietary restrictions, you know the hassle and expense of this process. Let’s face it—with longer work hours, rush hour traffic and traveling you don’t always have the time to eat right.

MultiNutraFood™ ends this problem! It is not like any other supplement because it finally directs nourishment toward the inner ecosystem or microbiome that is scientifically proven to nourish your human cells with hundreds of thousands of hard-to-get precious nutrients, anti-toxins and anti-inflammatory compounds (Nature Reviews Genetics 2012:13; Nature Reviews Neuroscience 2012; Neurogastroenterology & Motility 2012:24; Gastroenterology Clinics of North America 2002:31 and 1998:27; Diseases of Colon & Rectum 2011:33; Nutrition 2004:20; Clinical Nutrition 1998:17; Microbial Ecology in Health & Disease 1996:9; Microbiology 2011:7; J of Clinical Gastroenterology 2010:44; British J Nutrition 2001:85; Amer J of Gastroenterology 2010). 

MultiNutraFood™ ends the problem of being stuck in a cycle of exhausting, never-ending stress and emotional instability. By nourishing your microbiome, you can break the stress cycle in a way that is safe, natural and healthy. Your bacterial passengers need proper nourishment and a proper habitat with the following raw and organic synbiotic nourishment as well as Nod2 protein that balances the microflora (PNAS 2009; J of Leucocyte Biology 2008:83; Immunity 2008:28; J Biological Chemistry 2003:278; Plos Biology 2007:10) and quorum-fermented vitamins, coenzyme Q10 and nutrients (Hepatobiliary Surgery & Nutrition 2012:1; J Parenter Entra Nutr 2007:31; Pharmacol Research 2012:1; Nutrients 2013:1)

MultiNutraFood™ contains the most advanced and comprehensive nourishment, working to keep the entire body and its beneficial microbial communities healthy—all systems in sync, with vitality and energy to spare! And, the good news is that there are none of the risks and side effects of artificial nutrition or herbs and nutrition that are solely aimed at human cells. Before our recent discovery of the

MultiNutraFood™ nourishment process, we found no effective ways of restoring gut barrier-habitat functions for optimal microbiome expansion into hundreds of strains and not just the mere few dozen used in today’s probiotics. Now, for the first time ever, you can harness the nutritional power of nature within your microbiome.

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NOTE: Always implant our proprietary quorum 8-strain colonizer blend during the use of this product to put back the hundreds of strains killed off by taking antibiotics at any one time in your life.

Gluten-free | Vegan | Non-GMO | Organic and Raw | Pre-Digested for Instant Nourishment!

Our only health claim is NOURISHMENT.** We openly make no other health claims, as we believe that it is primarily our microbiome or inner ecosystem that nourishes and heals us in superior and excellent ways!**

**These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.