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New Nourishment Breakthrough for Lymphatic Detox

Just as the currents of a river run through the mountains and valleys to cleanse out the landscape, the body’s internal waterways made up of lymphatic fluids function as a “river of health,” cleansing the body by carrying away accumulated wastes and foreign invaders. This powerful cleansing aqueduct has twice as many lymph vessels. Just a slight compromise by radiation or stored pollutants can alter the flow of this river of health causing the body to be    less able to resist pathogens and detoxify inflammation-inducing toxicants that can lead to cancer and a wide spectrum of degenerative diseases. In addition, in advanced cases, a lack of free-flowing lymph causes skin disorders, cysts; red or brown skin spots, skin tags, cysts, tumors, fibromyalgia, as well as fatigue, anxiety, depression and emotional stress.

Lymphatic SystemEvery day we are getting serious doses of internal radiation through the air we breathe; the contaminated food chain; and what is absorbed through our skin [the largest organ in our bodies] and into the deep drainage channels of our lymphatic system.  With the current saturation of radioactive contamination from damaged Japanese nuclear reactors and escalating worldwide pollution, it becomes obvious that today’s primary health goal should revolve around safe and effective ways to nourish and detoxify the lymphatic system. The key to activating the lymph circulation and drainage is cell polarity.

Since 1975, Dr. Paul Yanick’s university-based medical research on cell polarity lead him to development SPT or the “YANICK SYNCHROZYME POLARIZATION TECHNIQUE (see JOURNAL OF APPLIED NUTRITION 1988:40; J MEDICAL AUDIOLOGY 1983:5; TOWNSEND LETTER FOR DOCTORS. 1983; J AMERICAN AUDIOLOGY SOCIETY 1976:15; INT J HOLIST HEALTH MED. 1983;1; INT ACAD PREV MED. 1983:45). In the JULY 2013 TOWNSEND LETTER FOR DOCTORS, he applied his quantum-based discoveries to water revitalization.

The Increasing Need to Address Lymph Stasis & GI Integrity

Low-level radiation has been scientifically linked to birth defects (JOURNAL OF RADIATION RESEARCH 2006:47; NATURE 1996:382; TOXICOLOGY & INDUSTRIAL HEALTH 2001:17) because it has been proven to cross the placenta barrier (EXPERIMENTAL BIOLOGY & MEDICINE 2003:228). It has been linked to childhood Leukemia and cancer (NATURE 1997:387; LANCET 1988:2; BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL 1997:314; ENERGY & ENVIRONMENT 2000: 11; MUTATION RESEARCH 1997:381; NATURE 1996:380; NATURE 1996:383; ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH 2005:26).

We live with assurances by government & industry that nuclear reactors are operating within guidelines sponsored by radiation protection agencies. We are told that the radiation they emit is too low to warrant concern. But, what about the many scientific studies that prove how low-levels of radioactivity are genotoxic, cytotoxic and mutagenic? What about the low-level exposures in Iraq that resulted in an increased incidence of deformed babies (ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH 2005:26)?

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