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Nourishment for Anti-Inflammatory Pathways

The Problem: Back in the late 1980’s, Dr. Yanick’s research indicated that 90% of supplements were toxic. University of California researchers confirmed his findings that were published in the Townsend Letter for Doctors 2001. Today, over 96% of supplements are either moldy, irradiated, GMO-cross contaminated, nutrient depleted and stale, or toxic. Searching for fresh, organic and pure ingredients has become a major challenge.

Infla-Food is the Solution!

In designing Infla-Food™, it took over 59 samples to find one non-toxic for the main ingredient Cordyceps synesis. We used it in the 80’s with great success but in the late 90’s all medicinal mushrooms were testing toxic.

The research on Cordyceps reveals that it improves the utilization of oxygen and respiration dramatically (Chinese Traditional and Herbal Drugs 1986:17; Administration Traditional Chinese Med 1995:5). Researchers also reported dramatic improvements in liver and kidney functions and immunological functions. (China J Chinese Materia Medica 1990:15; J Alt Comp Med 1998:4; Chinese Med J 1992:105). There is documented research studies showing that it enhanced the NK cell activity in normal patients by 74% and 400% in leukemia patients (Chinese Med J 1992:105; Chinese J Integrated Traditional Western Medicine 1992:12). The studies also reveal improvements in cellular energy and mitochondrial functions and that it balances adrenal and sexual hormones (J Applied Traditional Chinese Med 1993:1; J Alt Comp Med 1998:4; Alternative & Complementary Medicine 1998:4; J Modern Diagnostics Therapeutics 1986:1). In elderly patients one study reported a 92% reduction in fatigue, an 83% reduction in dizziness and huge improvements in respiratory functions and muscle strength (J Applied Traditional Medicine 1993:1)

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