QuantaFoods QuantaEye product

QuantaEye is a vision nourishment complex that combines several key herbs and minerals that help eye sight and overall health of the eyes.


QuantaFoods QuantaEnergy product

QuantaEnergy is designed to nourish the thyroid and mitochondrial functions so the inner physician can function more efficiently.


QuantaFoods QuantaDent product

QuantaDent is a concentrated anti-plaque mouthwash that eradicates biofilms (plaque) and shrinks periodontal pockets.


QuantaFoods QuantaBiotica Product

QuantaBiotica is a super potent clinical version of 8‐strain Quorum Commensal‐Probiotic Colonizer™ that nourishes commensals.

Polar GLM

QuantaFoods Polar GLM product

Polar GLM can lower inflammation in the body and even be useful in providing missing food factors present in those with rheumatoid arthritis.

Polar EFA-D3

QuantaFoods Polar EFA-D3 product

Polar EFA-D3 uses whole non-peroxidized (polar) fish oils that are rich in the natural balances of N-3, N-5, N-6 & N-9 essential fatty acids.


QuantaFoods Neuro-HormonoSync product

Neuro-HormonoSync is a massage oil that can regenerate topical skin nutriture, restore neural-meridian, stops cell polarity drain, and more!

MyrrhFood Plus

QuantaFoods MyrrhFood Plus product

Discover relief and vitality with our all-natural MyrrhFood PlusTM, expertly formulated to combat inflammation, alleviate stress, boost your immune system, plus more, to enhance overall well-being.


QuantaFoods MultiNutraFood product

MultiNutraFood directs nourishment toward the inner ecosystem or microbiome that nourishes your human cells with precious nutrients.


QuantaFoods LymphDetox Skin Balm product

With the current saturation of radioactive contamination, our primary health goal should be to nourish and detoxify the lymphatic system.